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Employer Group Plans

Employer Group Plans

CCHP Employer Group Plans enable you to provide quality, affordable health care for your employees. Choosing the right health plan is important for your business.  Quality health care coverage keeps your employees healthy and more productive. It also helps attract and retain valuable employees. They can enjoy peace of mind by providing a way to keep their families healthy.

We offer a selection of affordable health benefit packages, with a variety of copayment and premium options. Whether you have as few as two employees or hundreds, you'll find a CCHP plan that suits your company's needs. CCHP group plans are available to employees who live or work in San Francisco or Northern San Mateo County.

Ruby 10 HMO Platinum

CCHP Ruby 10 provides comprehensive coverage with no annual deductible. This plan features $0 copays for preventive services, routine labs & x-rays, and a fixed copayment for most of the covered services.

  • Annual Deductible: $0
  • Maximum out-of-pocket: Individual $4,000/ Family $8,000
  • Office Visit: $10 Copay

Ruby 20 HMO Platinum

CCHP Ruby 20 is a budget-minded plan. Many services have a $20 copay and there is no deductible. Prescription drugs and worldwide emergency services are also covered.

  • Annual Deductible: $0
  • Maximum out-of-pocket: Individual $4,000/ Family $8,000
  • Office Visit: $20 Copay

Ruby 40 HMO Platinum

CCHP Ruby 40 is a lower cost plan with lower premium. It includes $0 copays for preventive services and health, routine labs & x-rays, and wellness and education classes. This plan is a good choice for health-conscious employers and employees.

  • Annual Deductible: $0
  • Maximum out-of-pocket: Individual $6,850/ Family $13,700
  • Office Visit: $40 Copay

Opal 25 HMO Gold

CCHP Opal 25 is an economical plan with low deductible and low maximum out-of-pocket expense. It includes $0 copays for up to three Primary Care Physician visits, preventive services, maternity care, and health, wellness and education classes. This plan is designed to help you and your employees stay healthy and productive.

  • Annual Deductible: Individual $1,500/ Family $3,000
  • Maximum out-of-pocket: Individual $4,000/ Family $8,000
  • Office Visit: $0 Copay for the first 3 visits

Exchange Plans

(Also available in Covered California SHOP)

There are four basic levels of coverage: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You have the option to choose the plan that will best meet your needs as well as your employees’. All plans include certain essential health benefits: doctor visits, hospital stays, emergency care, maternity care, children’s care, prescriptions, medical tests and mental health care.

Tax credits help is available for qualify employers. Be sure to contact us or consult your brokers for your benefit strategy.

  • Platinum90 HMO 0/15 + Child Dental
  • Gold80 HMO 0/25 + Child Dental
  • Silver70 HMO 2000/45 + Child Dental
  • Bronze60 HMO 6300/75 + Child Dental
  • Bronze60 HDHP HMO 4800/40% + Child Dental

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2017 Benefit Highlights

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Employer Group Plans Benefit Highlights (PDF)


Employer Group Plans Rate - San Francisco County (PDF)

Employer Group Plans Rate - Northern San Mateo County (PDF)

Provider Directory

CCHP Provider Directory - Covered CA (English and Chinese) (PDF)

CCHP Provider Directory - HMO (English and Chinese) (PDF)

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Pharmacy Directory

CCHP Pharmacy Directory - Covered CA (English) (PDF)

CCHP Pharmacy Directory (English) (PDF)


* There are four tiers in the drug formulary. Tiers include the types of drugs that are covered. Please refer to your Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form for details.

Tier Definition
1 1) Most generic drugs and low cost preferred brands.
2 1) Non-preferred generic drugs or;
2) Preferred brand name drugs or;
3) Recommended by the plan's pharmaceutical and therapeutics (P&T) committee based on drug safety, efficacy and cost.
1) Non-preferred brand name drugs or;
2) Recommended by P&T committee based on drug safety, efficacy and cost or;
3) Generally have a preferred and often less costly therapeutic alternative at a lower tier.

1) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or drug manufacturer limits distribution to specialty pharmacies or;
2) Self administration requires training, clinical monitoring or;
3) Drug was manufactured using biotechnology or;
4) Plan cost (net of rebates) is >$600.